“Communication Through The Generations”


United States
New York City
Times Square

Peter Turnley “Street Photography” Workshop
Through Harold’s Lens.

5 responses

  1. Perfect! I sketched on my iphone everyone on their cell phones while waiting at the airport.! It’s somewhere on my blog. I enjoy your words as well as your photos. One can tell you were in marketing and advertising 🙂


  2. Hi Harold. I love the contrasting visual—communicating fiesta!

    I guess the lone lady on the left is just doing what is necessary, but while that generation in the background still talk to whoever close to them, this generation on the bench seems preferring to communicate with whoever not in the proximity. Quite some perceptive shot, indeed. 🙂

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    • Thank you Terry for letting me know of your enjoyment of what I am doing. As fast as everything moves when photographing the streets, I don’t think I realized the variety of situations that were passing through my lens until I had a chance to sit back and go through the post production stage.


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