“You said that to him!”


United States
New York City
Upper West Side

Peter Turnley “Street Photography” Workshop
Through Harold’s Lens.

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  1. HA!!!!! Another perfect caption. Love the expressions. I see you have the background blurred in this one. I notice that you are using a variety of f-stops on these street shots. Since they are shot fairly quickly as you say…..did you just decide to use one f-stop for awhile and then change for awhile or were you changing rapidly according to shot????? Just curious. Any tips Peter gave in this regard?

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    • Thank you Terry. I would sometimes flip F-stops depending on the background I was using at the moment. No time to change f-stops with each shot. The “moments” happen so quickly. I was changing ISO all the time depending on the light, outside, inside, in the subway, etc. Peter and I talked about ISO, never leaving your lens cap on, always keeping your camera turned “on”. Not about f-stops. That would be a photographer’s choice. Also, instead of walking around chasing “moments”, I usually would stand still and let the “moments” come to me and my 35mm lens.


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