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    • Hi Amy, so nice to hear from you. Spring must be popping up in both our parts of the world, with me popping up after a six month Winter rest, you popping up on my blog, and I’m sure, your gorgeous roses thinking about popping up.

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      • Must be nice to have had 6 months of winter rest. I know not what rest means, as I keep forging in New Territory, through forest and stream. (smile) As for my Roses, it will be a while until they are seen. It has been a brutal winter here, with snow still evident on the ground. Love, Amy


    • Amy, your Post today has the most perfect timing for me. Being away six months from Through Harold’s Lens, then making my first Post, I was in awe what to do. Where did all this come from and how do I work it. Back to classic for me. Thanks.

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      • You are so welcome, Harold. Please thank Dennis. He is the one who brought forth this information and helped me as well. I LOVE the classic editor. Why WP cannot just leave well enough alone is totally beyond me. Good luck and please let me know how you do!!! Love, Amy

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