Through Harold’s Lens Is Honored That Artist Bukuru Nyandwi Chose Our Images from Tanzania As Inspiration For His Art.


Artist: Bukuru Nyandwi
Henrico High School
Center for the Arts
Richmond, Virginia
Teacher: Megan Mattax
News Anchor/Reporter: Rob Cardwell
Richmond, Virginia
Story Behind Bukuru’s Art:

4 responses

  1. Good morning Rob,
    Thank you and your entire team for bringing the rich and “heart-of-gold” story of Bukuru to your viewers and to those of us beyond the reach of WTVR-TV on the Internet.
    With heart and soul you weaved the most beautiful story of a young man who is challenging life with his talents and disabilities. Bukuru is an inspiration. An inspiration to those with disabilities and to those without. With insight and passion you captured Bukuru’s difficult life, his heart, his struggles, his dreams, his “there is a way”.
    A heart warming story I would be most proud to help tell around the world on my photography blog with your Link. I look forward to a followup story when artist Bukuru Nyandwi will have his art featured on the Community Art Wall in Richmond. Nyandwi
    On behalf of my Creative Team at Through Harold’s Lens, Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we thank you and Megan Mattax for asking us for permission to use our photographs from Tanzania to help provide inspiration for our friend Bukuru. 

    Harold Green


  2. Mornin’ Rob,
    The story of Bukuru was extraordinarily well told. When the right mix of subject and storyteller comes together, it’s an incredible thing. Brad also did remarkable work with the images, sound, and the editing.
    For me, personally, being a very small part of making something like this happen gives me all the joy in the world.
    Thanks again,
    Richmond, Virginia


  3. Hi everyone,
    Thanks again for your help in this story.
    You should all be commended for your efforts in helping this wonderful young man.
    I encourage you to share the link to the story with as many people and organizations as you can.  It would be awesome if it led to more help for Bukuru and fulfilling his dreams of continuing in art, school and “finding a job”.

    Rob Cardwell
    News Anchor/Reporter
    Richmond, Virginia


  4. Dear Harold,
    Here are the artistic results from three of the images Bukuru used as inspiration from your photography blog, Through Harold’s Lens. Thank you so much for letting us use your beautiful photos from Bukuru’s home country of Tanzania.

    Megan Mattax
    Bukuru’s Teacher
    Henrico High School
    Center for the Arts
    Richmond, Virginia


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