“Fly Fishing In The Mountains”


United States
Through Harold’s Lens:

Loaded fly rod in hand

Teasing trout
Dangling bait
Chasing tail
Morning, noon and night.

Moist creeks
Wandering streams
Soft shorelines
Full backing of

Banks of breeding bunnies
Tools in hand
For libido of man.

Lay down
Set the hook
Strip the line
Unload the rod.

Guiding N.O.W.
Steinem, Friedan, Fonda
No catch
Dry fly.

Playboy Mansion dam
Steelhead, Hog Sucker, Southern Playfish
Bridle Shiner, Cutthroat, Killifish
Sleeper, Snook, Chiselmouth
Even Logperch and Paddlefish.

Ego on top of many mountains?
Many egos wearing mountains?

A little boy with grown up toys?
Little toys with a grown up boy?

Riding rockets to the moon.

Aging fisherman
From warm waters
April nine
Nineteen twenty six.

Eighty-eight year journey
Eternal climb up mountains of lust
Traversing curving trails
Back to warm home.

Happy Birthday Hugh!

“Help From On High”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Please start the music first, as you are enjoying the images and words.
You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Ave Maria. Schubert Opera:

Touching our Lord
Draped in cascading folds of gold
The Immaculate Conception.

Nestled below
Silently in prayer
Whispers of peace
Whispers of help
Whispers for our poor.

Draped in flowing folds of white
Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

Wrinkled old man
Rags of threads
Rags of holes
Shuffles slowly

Soft knock
Rugged mesquite door
Rusted hinge creaks
Angelic face
From within.

Humbled old man
Gnarled hands
Paints cross on chest
Head bows.

Aging hands of love
Quietly pass nourishment.

Of love
Of comfort

Old old
Our sick
Our poor
Our lonely.




Through Harold’s Lens:

Tranquility embraced her space
Dressed in flowing green silk
Wearing a contagious smile
Delicate hands
Held each other
In tight embrace.

Tip of sable hair
Gently touched
Palettes of beauty.


Asian history
Thousands of years
Personal history
A lifetime.

Her dreams

Narrated a story
Narrated a love
Narrated a heart.

Her hand-painted fan.

“Soft Side Of Love”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Small Coptic Orthodox Church
Slowly with reference
Little boy
Pass through holy

Idolizing eyes look up
Into proud eyes

Aging slim legs
Young tiny feet

Down long hallowed carpet.

Kneeling together
Deep prayer.

Aged dark wooden pew
Small family
Shufflles sideways.

Not alone
The Father
The Son
The Holy Spirit.

Alone moment
Quiet moment.

Crinkled hands
Young fingers

Quietly arise.

Candles aglow

Little hand
Guided by
Wilted hand
Touch flame to flame.

Deep thought
Rolling tears.

Connected by blood
Connected by love.

Husband remembered
Grandfather honored.

The soft side of love.

“My Surprise”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Last night
Before our date.

You gave me a red rose
You kissed me tenderly.

You kneeled
You gently lifted my left hand

You looked into my eyes
You said “will you marry me?”

You slipped a diamond on my finger

Your eyes glistened
Tears rolled down my cheeks
I leaned and kissed you gently.

I whispered “yes!”

Brunch in a Belgium Cafe
You savoring a delicious beer
I savoring you.

I dreamed of our life together

Our children
To be
Our home
To be

Our life values
Our education values
Our religious values
How we love to be with each other.

Our tenderness
Our touch.

Our care
Our concern.

Our love.

“In sickness and in health
Until death do us part”

Vietnam.”Out Among The Cobras”


Through Harold Lens:

Through Harold’s Lens celebrates it’s First Anniversary.

On behalf of my trusty sidekick, Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal, and myself, we thank the hundreds of our fans for their support, enjoyment, love and comments.

We have been introduced to many fascinating bloggers from around our world. Their “moments in time”, their rich country’s beauty, their loves and their heartaches.

Through Harold’s Lens has tried to engage you a bit in the various cultures around our world, capture an emotion in time and tell you the backstory of the shot.

We have lived with the Maasai in Tanzania, danced tango with lovers in Argentina, rode horses with the Charros in Mexico and so much more.

We have tried to engage you, your spirt and your heart in a rainbow of human emotions.

We have transported our “Followers” across a river of emotions, from love, hope, faith, happiness, appreciation, confidence, vitality, gratitude, patience and trust to fear, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, sadness, shame, envy, jealousy, self-pity, depression, frustration and intense passion.

All up close and personal.

We hope you join us as our journeys continue across the continents and cultures in Year Two.


“Her Prince”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Please start the music first, as you are enjoying the images and words.

You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Below the frigid, icy Arctic
Six hundred miles.

Warm golden summer evening unfolding

Prancing hooves
Weaving through one thousand acres
Manicured gardens
Flowers in full bloom
Colorful, gay.

Stallions pulling proudly
Glimmering black Royal Coach
Top hat driver snapping leather reins.

Grand entrance

Royal Palace
One thousand feet long
Russian Baroque

Catherine Palace
Empress Catherine II
Catherine the Great.

Handsome Prince
Pink-laced Princess.

Hooves halt
Kissing her soft, snow-white hand
Escorting Swan off Royal Coach.

Moving musical score
Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet.

Prince lifts Princess
Into deep blue sky

Classical Russian Ballet evolving
Body patterns revealing deep romance.

Pure of heart
Love pledged
White Knight.

“Dressing Down”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

My head spun a Charlie McCarthy 360!

Gorgeous face. My Nikon searched for my left eye.

Click. Click. Click.

She whisked by me dressed down in old Bohemian fabrics.

Click. Click. Click.

Her moving red lips said “Thank you”.

I could not resist. “You are so beautiful you should be a model in the Buenos Aires Fashion Week”.

“I am one of the Fashion Week models”, she whispered.

With curiosity I asked “Why are you dressed so casually, so Bohemian?” “I’m trying to be incognito in Buenos Aires. These Latin men are, let’s just say, a bit assertive”. At the fashion shows in Paris, New York and Milan, the men give us some distance”.

A new experience for me. Wrapping your body in fabrics is an art onto itself. Wrapping yourself to decrease attention? It didn’t work with me! My Nikon captured her.

“Dear John”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Deep in thought, pen poised, Camila begins to write.

“Santiago, you have been on my mind for days. I have tossed and turned with conflicted thoughts. A relationship is built on trust. You told me you ‘were not married’. Later, you are ‘filing for divorce’. You told me your age. An over-the-shoulder look of your Driver’s License showed me you are much older. Nights we had a date. You never showed. ‘Wrong number’ calls on your cell phone. I try to discuss this with you. You just stare at the tv. Even the commercials. Yes, you got sex. I hoped that wasn’t all you wanted. Lies are not the way to start a real relationship. Trust is gold. My trust of you is in complete breakdown. Whatever you say now, I will always have doubts. Goodbye Santiago.”

Observation from the next patio table.

“Sexy Wrap”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Blackness enveloped our private cabin deep in the Argentina woods.

Soft pine branches brushed the roof. Candles flickered their specs of light off a crushed leather sofa. Pine logs crackled in the fireplace.

The soft, soothing sounds of Love Me Tender. The King!

I sat on the warm animal skin rug in front of the glow. A bottle of red. Uncorked. Two crystal wine glasses. Where were you?

Slowly, from the darkened doorway, your long tanned legs first appeared. Barefoot. Slinking, you walked towards me. Arms surrounding a tan, deeply furred wrap across your bare upper body. Yellow necklace tucked into cleavage.

Slowly you sat down besides me.

Fade to black.

“Snappy You”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

I know you well, beautiful.

You dream of strolling through the sumptuous markets of fabrics and fashion.

Down the exotic avenues of boutiques filled with fibers to snuggle, wear and wrap around your body.

Floating in a world of exotic fibers of the most varied origin.

Delicious Latin men turn their heads.

The sexy Tango on the corner summons your presence.

Buenos Aires beckons you.

Selected as the main photograph by poet Felicity Ann Mcinnes in her sensuous poetry series “The Lusts of Man”.

“Mallet Memories”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Polo match sounds, sights and smells grip my senses.

The huge vista of the polo field unfolds before my eyes. Green turf closely mowed.

Bright white wooden tables, chairs and tents stream along the sidelines.

Beautiful rich women abound. Floppy brimmed hats everywhere.

A young brunette, kicks off her black spikes. Sits. She crosses her long smooth tanned legs under a tight silky black skirt that rises well above mid thigh. The whift of intoxicating perfume wafts in the air.

Hustling tall trim men wearing creased cream slacks and snug blue blazers hug around. Right arms bent holding glass stems.

Pop! Pop! Corks fly. Champagne bubbles.

Smiling. Chatting. Hugging. Kissing.

Powerful polo ponies thunder high-speed down the polo field. Hooves flying. Dirt divots hang in mid air.

Aggressive and skillful testosterone laden macho men grip the animal’s reins.

Colorful hard wooden mallets wildly swing against the royal blue sky. Thwack!

Fast passes rip a white ball down the field. Smack! Winning goal. Chukker ends.

Pumped egos dismount from sweat stained saddles.

Nothing like the Sport of Kings in Buenos Aires.