“Sole Brothers”

_HMG4539United States
Martha’s Vineyard

Through Harold’s Lens:

Left: “Well, Right. He’s left us on the sand”.
Right: “Right”. “But, this Lambert’s Cove Beach is neat”.

Over the large dune
The pale, pasty Vineyard newbie went
Slathered in sunscreen
Schlepping stuff.

Left: “Got his New York Times. Maureen Dowd fan.
Right: “Yeah. And a low rider beach chair”.
Left: “Check the cheap Chilmark Flea Market beach towel”.
Right: “Look at that tattered t-shirt with the Black Dog on it”.
Left: “And those baggy Brickman’s trunks”.
Right: “Oh no. His Dad’s floppy Tilly hat”.
Left: “This is really embarrassing. A newbie all Vineyarded out like that”.
Right: “Check out his cooler. Goodies in there”.
Left: “Yes! Yes!. Mini-six pack of Island brewed Offshore Ale”.
Right: “Lobster roll from Larsen’s Fish Market”.
Left: “Fresh picked fruit from the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market”.
Right: “Warm Scottish Bakehouse scones”.
Left: “A box of Chilmark Chocolates”.
Right: “Does he want to take Adrianne on a trip?”
Left: “Don’t know. We saw him in Bunch of Grapes buying that David McCullough book ‘The Greatest Journey. Americans in Paris’ ”.
Right: “Look his ear buds are in”.
Left: “IPod jamming to Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish?”.
Right: “Maybe Carly Simon”.
Left: “I’m sweating here in the sun”.
Right: “Can’t wait to get back to the old white house”.
Left: “Hey! No politics!”

From Harold’s Photography Series on Martha’s Vineyard: “Intimacy of Island Life“

“Liebster Award” Presented To Through Harold’s Lens


United States
Martha’s Vineyard

Through Harold’s Lens:

Through Harold’s Lens is honored to have been awarded a Liebester Award by http://cecilia-maria.com.

The Liebester Award is given to smaller bloggers to give recognition and encouragement, and to help the rest of the blogging community discover their blogs.

In presenting The Liebster Award, http://cecilia-maria.com. said she wanted to say thank you to Through Harold’s Lens and to let Harold know how much she appreciates his blog.

Cecilia came dancing out onto the stage floor of my blog, and into my heart. It was when I was posting my photographic series on Mexico’s Ballet Folklórico de San Miguel de Allende. As a speaker, writer and professional dancer, Cecelia was using the art of dance in deep union with her beliefs in the Catholic church. She founded Dance Immaculata. http://danceimmaculata.com/about/. There’s a stunning photograph of her on the cover.

Cecelia laughs at the days to come and chronicles her light-hearted journey in the everyday moments of life. And laugh and smile she does. In everything she does. I’ve gone from post to post to post as Cecelia reflects deeply, yet with pure joy, on her adventures with friends, family, the beauty of life, Catholicism and so much more.

Dear fun, smiling Cecelia, thank you. The inner beauty you bring into our world can come only from your heart. A heart that is treasured by blogging friends all over the world.