“Dear John”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Deep in thought, pen poised, Camila begins to write.

“Santiago, you have been on my mind for days. I have tossed and turned with conflicted thoughts. A relationship is built on trust. You told me you ‘were not married’. Later, you are ‘filing for divorce’. You told me your age. An over-the-shoulder look of your Driver’s License showed me you are much older. Nights we had a date. You never showed. ‘Wrong number’ calls on your cell phone. I try to discuss this with you. You just stare at the tv. Even the commercials. Yes, you got sex. I hoped that wasn’t all you wanted. Lies are not the way to start a real relationship. Trust is gold. My trust of you is in complete breakdown. Whatever you say now, I will always have doubts. Goodbye Santiago.”

Observation from the next patio table.