“Respect, Love & Laughter”

United States
New York City
Upper West Side

Through Harold’s Lens.

My son Harold and I enjoying a moment of respect, love and laughter at the Peter Turnley “Street Photography” Workshop. June ’14.

A personal thank you to classmate and Professional Photographer Oliver Ruf who created this photograph.
Blog: Oliver Ruf / Photography: http://www.oliver-ruf.com/ Oliver Ruf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oli.ruf?fref=ts

Martha’s Vineyard. “Lost In The Rhythm Of The Sea”

_HMG4687United States
Martha’s Vineyard

Through Harold’s Lens:

Please start the sounds first, as you are enjoying the images and words.
You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Cozy & bundled
Nestled in arms
In loved-worn sweaters
Over tattered college sweats.

She with Chardonnay
Me with Merlot.

Rhythm of the sea

Buns nestled
In warm mounds of sand.

Heads nestled
In suntanned shoulders.

Toes nestled
In loose grains of gold.

Rhythm of the sea

We had danced
To pounding surf.

We had kissed
To splashing waves.

We had loved
To glows of orange and red.

Rhythm of the sea

Warm love between us
Deep love growing
Memories of a tender island summer
Moments of a chilly early fall.

Rhythm of the sea

All is quiet now
Only sounds of surf
Only stars in skies
Only moon beams crossing waves.

Rhythm of the sea

She off to Wellesley
Me off to Stanford
2500 miles of dirt
Hearts sagging
Tears rolling.

Rhythm of the sea

Grapes gone
Sunset black

Rhythm of the sea

From Harold’s Photographic Series on Martha’s Vineyard: “Intimacy of Island Life”

“Little Guys & I”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Seven little guys
Kicking ball
In Park.

Sat down
Mr. SLR Nikon had fun.

Little guys stopped
Came over
Quizzical look.

Touched fingers
High fives
Bumped fists.

Little guys watched Mr. SLR
Showed photos
Little guys laughed.

Loaned Mr. SLR
Little guys shot.

We laughed together.

Seven small kids
Two languages
Shared a moment
Had fun.

How beautiful
Our world can be.

“My Life In A Hole”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Mom buried me alive!

“In 1976 I was 5”, Savon said.
“Daddy dead”
“Brother dead”
“Mommy horrified”
“Me terrified”.

Khmer Rouge
Killing fields
3,000,000 slaughtered!

Protection from murder.

Small village
Open field.

Dark deep hole.

Dirt hole
Five feet deep
Three feet square.

Thatched bamboo
Grass cover

My dark hole
Every morning.

Mom left me
In a hole
12 hours
Pure fright
Pure terror.

Mom in rice field
Not fresh green stems
Not prime first cut.

One kernel
One kernel
One kernel.

One white kernel
One white kernel in the dirt.

Rats snapping
Cobras slithering
Mom’s tiny toes
Under water.

One meal that day
One meal day after day
After day
After day.

Mom buried me alive!

Khmer Rouge
Killing fields
3,000,000 slaughtered!


“Soft Side Of Love”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Small Coptic Orthodox Church
Slowly with reference
Little boy
Pass through holy

Idolizing eyes look up
Into proud eyes

Aging slim legs
Young tiny feet

Down long hallowed carpet.

Kneeling together
Deep prayer.

Aged dark wooden pew
Small family
Shufflles sideways.

Not alone
The Father
The Son
The Holy Spirit.

Alone moment
Quiet moment.

Crinkled hands
Young fingers

Quietly arise.

Candles aglow

Little hand
Guided by
Wilted hand
Touch flame to flame.

Deep thought
Rolling tears.

Connected by blood
Connected by love.

Husband remembered
Grandfather honored.

The soft side of love.

“Dear Daddy.” Alcoholic: The Dark Side.


Your Town
Through Harold’s Lens:

Please start the music first, as you are enjoying the images and words.

You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Is it cold down there?

Are you asleep?
Can you breath?

It’s very quiet here.

A man just threw dirt
On top of your box.

Mommy says
It’s a coffin.

A man in a black suit
With a white collar
Has a black book

He’s reading strange words
In an creepy language.

Mommy says
It’s Latin.

A man with a weird horn
Is squeezing a big bag
He’s playing music.

Mommy says
It’s Amazing Grace.

Everybody is
Holding hands
Leaning on each other.

Other Mommies
Are whispering.

They are saying
Drank yourself death.

Other Daddies
Are talking.

They are saying
You were
A drunk.

Why Daddy?
Please help me Daddy
I love you Daddy!

Ring. Ring. Ring.
Alcoholics Anonymous.
May I help you?”

“May name is Jason.
I’m an alcoholic.”

“My Surprise”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Last night
Before our date.

You gave me a red rose
You kissed me tenderly.

You kneeled
You gently lifted my left hand

You looked into my eyes
You said “will you marry me?”

You slipped a diamond on my finger

Your eyes glistened
Tears rolled down my cheeks
I leaned and kissed you gently.

I whispered “yes!”

Brunch in a Belgium Cafe
You savoring a delicious beer
I savoring you.

I dreamed of our life together

Our children
To be
Our home
To be

Our life values
Our education values
Our religious values
How we love to be with each other.

Our tenderness
Our touch.

Our care
Our concern.

Our love.

“In sickness and in health
Until death do us part”



Through Harold’s Lens:

All alone
Huddled in the dark hallway
Of building 14G.

His tender arm

Full of love
Wise in ways.

Oh wise one
Let him help you!

His arms will guide
His legs will walk
His eyes will see
His heart will love.

You and he will slowly enter
with grace and style.

Spiderwebs of experience
Surrounding your eyes
Youthful abundance
hugging your hip.

Not alone anymore.

“Her Prince”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Please start the music first, as you are enjoying the images and words.

You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Below the frigid, icy Arctic
Six hundred miles.

Warm golden summer evening unfolding

Prancing hooves
Weaving through one thousand acres
Manicured gardens
Flowers in full bloom
Colorful, gay.

Stallions pulling proudly
Glimmering black Royal Coach
Top hat driver snapping leather reins.

Grand entrance

Royal Palace
One thousand feet long
Russian Baroque

Catherine Palace
Empress Catherine II
Catherine the Great.

Handsome Prince
Pink-laced Princess.

Hooves halt
Kissing her soft, snow-white hand
Escorting Swan off Royal Coach.

Moving musical score
Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet.

Prince lifts Princess
Into deep blue sky

Classical Russian Ballet evolving
Body patterns revealing deep romance.

Pure of heart
Love pledged
White Knight.

Poet Inspired By Spicy Tango Photographs


Through Harold’s Lens:

Through Harold’s Lens is moved to discover that our photographic series, Sensuality of the Tango, provided deep inspiration to a poet from India, Jensy George, to create Lady in Red, a passionate 3-part poem of love, dance and revenge.

Going by the rapier blog handle, The Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo, the Sensuality of the Tango helped give Jensy the vision to unleash a powerful portfolio of words beautifully woven into a deep carpet of emotion, romance and intrigue. The Devil, fangs, red stilettos, seduction… it’s all there.

“An erupting Mt. Vesuvius of the heart and loins. I perspired as I read Lady in Red, said photographer Harold Green. “Her twist at the end was brilliant”.

“As a photographer, one of of my goals is to try to emotionally engage a viewer with my images”, said Harold. “When that happens, bells sound in my heart. A switch is flipped. An electrical connection is made. A person’s heart, mind or soul has been touched”.

Through Harold’s Lens also thanks everyone whose hearts were stirred, panting with passion, from the multi-photo series, Sensuality of the Tango .

“#6 Sensuality Of The Tango ”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Let go
Be one with your partner
Let blazing flames rise slowly
As you dance tightly embraced
With the one you love.

Argentina: “Sensuality Of The Tango-1”


Through Harold’s Lens:

“Oh Harold, stop pushing”, my Nikon D300s camera squealed.

Click. Click. Click.

“Your soft hand is gripping me so hard”, my 70-200mm telephoto lens soothed.

Click. Click. Click.

“Are you taking secret photographs of me”, my LCD screen hollered.

Click. Click. Click.

“I’m really pissed. I get no action” screamed my Nikon D80 camera from inside my gear bag.

Click. Click. Click.

That feels so, so good”, purred my Gitzo GT 2540 tripod as the smooth, oiled legs extended.

Click. Click. Click.

“Tight fit, my man”, growled my 4GB Compact Flash Card.

Click. Click. Click.

“Please release me forever”, my Really Right Stuff Ballhead swooned.

Click. Click. Click.

“Faster. Faster. Faster”, my frames per second howled.

Minds wander deeply
Bury into the soul.

Watching the explosive sensuality of the tango.