“Life Destroyed”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Please start the music first, as you are enjoying the images and words.

You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Inside a chamber of horrors
The little girl shrieked
Where are you?

Wave after wave
Luftwaffe bombers
Rains of bombs
Blasts!!! Blasts!!! Blasts!!!
Tons of concrete crashed on tons of concrete
Explosions, fires
Historic buildings destroyed.

“Help me! I’m all alone”
Fear had dug talons deep.

Tanks crushed fresh bodies
Men, women children
Deboning corpses
Bits of bone everywhere.

Thirty degrees
Hair frozen
Covered in blood
Severe pain
Shredded pink dress

The day the world went to war
Hitler, Nazi claw
Storm troopers, SS, Secret police
Terror, tears executions
Concentration camps
The planet was never the same.

Cookies, Christmas
Hugs love, friends
Mommies, Daddies, little children
All gone.

September 1, 1939
Germany invades Poland
World War II begins
Five years
Five million humans dead.

A woman’s memory
Could never be a little girl again
Life ripped from her soul
Macabre memories.