“Favorite Photograph” Selection For Through Harold’s Lens Image “Fantasy Of Passion”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

High noon
Buenos Aires

The warm, golden sun washes the city square.

You stand alone in your sultry, swishy dress with bared midriff watching the intertwined couples dance lustfully to the romantic and sexy music.

A tall, handsome man appears in front of you.

He bows gracefully. In a language you don’t comprehend, he asks you to dance.

Your reflex is hesitant, until you peer into his deep inviting eyes and roll over his tanned face.

Your finger tips touch with electricity as he gracefully escorts you among the other dancers.

Your afternoon is consumed in the arms of your stranger to the rhythm of the earthy music, the swish of your skirt, the twists and intertwining of your legs to the sensuous Tango.

This happens everyday, only in Buenos Aires!

Selected as the “Favorite Photograph” and reposted on http://toemail.wordpress.com.

25 responses

    • The music is so wonderfully engaging. Your body just feels the rhythm. With the tango, your man is your lead. Just hug in close and go with the glide. Done right, you will feel like you are floating on a cloud.


      • O the Tango, yes that looks pretty sexy. Like Brad and Angelina in the Movie “Mr & Mrs Smith”….it sure worked for them. I love the picture you paint Harold, I would just have to try not to giggle since we aren’t to co-ordinated on the dance floor. 😀


  1. *swoon* Fantastic shot; at first I was focused on the woman’s legs/feet…and then, finally, my eyes shifted over to his legs and the one foot firmly planted, the other leg in motion. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


  2. And in my world too, Harold….! 😉
    My partner and I have just learned a new dance called ‘The Argentine Stroll’… It is sexy and wonderful and I wish it lasted for more than one song. In fact, we generally practice it a lot because it is sooooooo sensual…. 😉


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