Martha’s Vineyard. “Rest Before The Frenzy”

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Martha’s Vineyard

Through Harold’s Lens.

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“Tight lines”

From Harold’s Photographic Series on Martha’s Vineyard: “Intimacy of Island Life”

“Weather Report”


United States
Martha’s Vineyard

Through Harold’s Lens:

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My old cracked weather radio
Squawked again with static.

“Winds 14
North by Northwest
Sky cloudy
Temperature dropping
42 by 10am.

Incoming tide
Cold day fishermen
Frenzies going on
Blues & Stripers biting
Tight lines”.

Rusty, my old Jeep
Rumbled through curves
Past Vineyard Haven Harbor
Lonely boats and masts
Rocking to the rhythm of the water.

Blue smoke
Trailing Rusty’s rear pipe
Oil again.
The hell with it.

Tackle box . Rattling
Stinky cooler live slimy eels. Secure
Rod . Snug in dirty rags
Reel . Oiled skin smooth
Line. New 20 lb test.

Another cold morning
With my best buddy Jim
On the water
In his rigged fishing boat.

Bloddy Marys at 9
Jokes, puns, laughs.

Cries echo over water
“Fish on”.

From Harold’s Photographic Series on Martha’s Vineyard: “Intimacy of Island Life”

Martha’s Vineyard. “Birth Of Dawn”

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Martha’s Vineyard
Through Harold’s Lens:

Long before the birth of dawn
Emerging from black.

Rising yellows
Surfacing oranges
Bursting blues.

I open my salt rusted door
Old, trashed Jeep
Rusty’s his name.

Sling tackle box in
Sling waders in
Sling cooler in
Nestle fly rod carefully on tattered wool sweaters.

During the birth of dawn
Dew blanket
Smothers all.

Robins chirp
Their morning welcome.

Worms wiggle
Pedals unfold
Color abounds.

Soft yellow light
Pops from windows
Weathered shingled cottages.

Waves of hot coffee waft
Through dense mist.

With solo beach time
With waves
With wet sand
With whipping fly rod

With enjoyment
With tranquility
With purity
With peace

With a nibble
With a bite
With a tug
With a large striped bass

After the birth of dawn
Sun shines
Shadows flow.
Island alive
Folks everywhere.

Forty pound striper
Bled out

Grilled feast tonight!
Another day on my special island.

From Harold’s Photographic Series on Martha’s Vineyard: “Intimacy of Island Life”