San Miguel de Allende
Through Harold’s Lens:
Nikon D800E, 55mm
1/15, f/16, ISO 200
Sculpture by Rita Green

Put on your dancin’ shoes or high heel sneakers. Then start the music as you enjoy the image.
You’ll receive the full sensual experience. And, you’ll be hummin’ the melody all day.

“Maiden Mild”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Please start the music first, as you are enjoying the images and words.

You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Chill went up my spine
Spiritual uplifting notes
Muffled Mephistos stilled
Eyes teared
Inspiring notes.

Cello of passion
Timeless aria.

Across lonely road
Large leafy oak.

Brazilwood bow
Brushed slowly
Across strings.

Snow-white feather fingers
Glided slowly
Along neck.

Eyes caressed her cheeks
Her heart
Her soul
Lithe body swaying.

My tears flowed
Nikon rose to eye
Fog through rivulets.

Push. Click. Push. Click. Push Click.

Greatest hymn ever written

Her eyes glided open.

I whispered “thank you”
She whispered “thank you”

May you find an expression of love, calm and spiritual dimension
listening to the music from my morning.

“One Shade Of Grey”

Through Harold’s Lens:

You don’t know her.

I do!


Sophie casually waited to dance
Tango music moving her spirit
Swaying to the sounds of the rhythm.

Sophie loves to dance
By herself
With a man
With a woman.
Waiting to be asked.

But not for the reason the other women were waiting.

Other women wanted a fantasy.

They wanted young
Chiseled face
Piercing eyes

Shirt buttons open to six pack abs
Matted intertwined black curls to the navel
Her braless breast pressed against his chest
His pants skin tight
Firm thigh surging between her hot, quivering legs

Ecstasy slowly slithering its way up against her warm, twitching belly.

Sophie just wanted to feel her inner passion.

The freedom of dancing.

The flowing.

Sophie could dance to the news.

You feel inner passion.

The keyboard of your desk
Your fingers rhythmically listening
A musical favorite.

The freedom of letting go
The spirt rising
The release.

Doing what you love
Doing what you really feel.

Deep down inside.

Your inner core talking.

Your inner passion.

“Musical Seduction”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

As our intertwined couples passionately engage themselves with the rhythms of the tango our musicians appear; acoustic guitar, deep throaty sax, maybe some violins, piano, a double bass and a bandoneon.


ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Patience Beautiful!

A delicious Latin man is near.

Tango is ad lib on the street corners, and you may be the next woman selected.

Life’s a surprise in Buenos Aires.

“Waiting For A Gig”

MEXICO Through Harold’s Lens:

Every night, Mariachi musicians patiently wait in San Miguel de Allende’s Jardin for visitors and residents to ask them to play Mexican folk music full of passion and excitement. Then, the dancing, weaving and singing begins.

Mariachi music is Mexico’s best known form of folk music.

“Strum & Hum”

MEXICO Through Harold’s Lens:

Stroll through the alleys and narrow lanes of San Miguel de Allende with the legendary Estudiantinas.

These student singers, dressed in 16th century medieval costumes, play their lively, contagious music as they strum their musical instruments, sing and dance.

Visitors follow behind them dancing and drinking wine from a flask.