“#6 Sensuality Of The Tango ”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Let go
Be one with your partner
Let blazing flames rise slowly
As you dance tightly embraced
With the one you love.

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    • Thank you Angeline. I hope that this series has conveyed some of the sense of sensuality, passion and commitment to one’s partner when one decides to embark out onto the dance floor to tango a bit.


  2. Very nice work….perfectly conveys the comment you made on another post that this particular couple were oozing passion and desire. I am certain anyone near the area had to stop and watch. Captivating shots!


  3. Stunning shots as usual Harold and I was that blonde with the black dress that kept disappearing behind the curtains. LOL! Told you! heheheh
    Thanks for sharing my friend. Enjoyed the video! 🙂 *hugs*


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