Martha’s Vineyard. “Rest Before The Frenzy”

_HMG5205United States
Martha’s Vineyard

Through Harold’s Lens.

Would you
like to learn salt water fly fishing?

Traveling to Martha’s Vineyard?
Contact the Martha’s Vineyard Rod & Gun Club

Every summer
The club’s Salt Water Fly Fishing School
Hosts a series of salt water fly fishing instructional clinics
By the club’s professional guides .

Club Members: $85.
Non-Members: $100.

Professional Guides
Sandra Demel: 508-693-6338
John Kollett: 508-759-1287.

Contact Sandra or John
For specific summer dates & times.

“Tight lines”

From Harold’s Photographic Series on Martha’s Vineyard: “Intimacy of Island Life”

9 responses

    • Karen, a true ethereal early morning treat walking through the wet marsh grass and soft sand to your special spot and casting that first fly out against a dawn bursting with blues, oranges and reds.


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