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    • Terry, there’s nothing quite like a book store. I can spend hours there. Takes me back to those wonderful mornings… when I my taste buds sipped on a delicious cup of steaming, hot coffee… my ears listened to the crinkle and crackle of a newspaper opening, turning, closing, folding… my finger tips turned a bit of newsprint black … my eyes casually strolled quietly through the news and musings of our world.


    • I checked Bart after I made the photograph. I could not believe what I was seeing. So I casually strolled around behind each of them. And, no smart phones. Pure paper and ink.


  1. Rare indeed but to be honest I see more “older” folks on their phones these days. Maybe it’s because kids are so quick (and they multitask) while the older folks have to concentrate when sending a text 😉 Wonderful photo!

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