“My Surprise”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Last night
Before our date.

You gave me a red rose
You kissed me tenderly.

You kneeled
You gently lifted my left hand

You looked into my eyes
You said “will you marry me?”

You slipped a diamond on my finger

Your eyes glistened
Tears rolled down my cheeks
I leaned and kissed you gently.

I whispered “yes!”

Brunch in a Belgium Cafe
You savoring a delicious beer
I savoring you.

I dreamed of our life together

Our children
To be
Our home
To be

Our life values
Our education values
Our religious values
How we love to be with each other.

Our tenderness
Our touch.

Our care
Our concern.

Our love.

“In sickness and in health
Until death do us part”

“Marriage Rule #14”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

“Where have you been my loving husband to be?

I’ve been waiting here in the hot sun for over two hours”, Sofia angrily said.

“This is the 7th time you have done this to me!”.

Nicolás paused.

Slurred out “well, ah, ah ah I saw Javier as I was walking over here. The Boca Juniors were playing ball on the tv at the Bottle Bar. Javier is my Best Man so I thought we could spend some time together watching the Juniors”.

Sofia responded, “I had my cell, you could have called me.”

Sheepishly, he mumbled “I did not think of that”.

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